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How COVID Proved to be a Game Changer for Digital Marketing Sector

How COVID Proved to be a Game Changer for Digital Marketing Sector

The world had come to a standstill in 2020 when the COVID-19 pandemic hit us. Various business sectors found themselves rethinking their business strategy like the media and entertainment industry opted to showcase their movies on OTT platforms. Some business sectors incurred major losses like the tourism and hospitality sectors. Amidst all of this, few sectors had one too many knocks on their doors like the health, food and beverage, medicinal drugs. Digital marketing sector is one of them.

The immediate need of social distancing has led businesses to transition towards remote work i.e. work from home. Therefore, businesses hopped onto the virtual marketing train for their branding, communication with customers and to grow the reach of their business. Website development companies, app development and website designing companies in India aided this process.

Social media marketing and influencer marketing bloomed as many brands opted to reach out to their target audience via these platforms. It was an affordable plus smart choice, given the circumstances. Brands became more sensitive about the situation. Their aim was to reach out to people and lift their spirits, which led them to pleasing their current consumers and attracting potential consumers. They achieved this by providing COVID -19 related information, donations, on ground help, uploading engaging and entertaining content, keeping up with latest trends and sharing quirky topical posts.

While the world is still adapting to the situation, digital marketing has proven to be the light at the end of the tunnel for many. Here are a few ways in which ways in which the outbreak of the virus proved to be a game changer.

Pivoting brand campaigns

Brands had to pivot their campaigns towards digital media to address the needs of today’s consumers. It was no longer only about bringing something new to the table, now it was also about celebrating the new normal. For example grocery shopping institutions shifted their consumers’ focus towards online shopping and became the ideal way of shopping to avoid the risk of stepping out, even for an essential reason.

Boosting small businesses

Small businesses had their shot at blooming in the past year. As people starting ‘supporting local businesses’, social media provided a platform for home-bakers, influencers, content creators, online tutors, etc. Social media became the friendly cost free platform for small businesses to flourish, engage with consumers and receive immediate an honest feedback. It felt personal and people love it.

Switching to apps and websites

Many businesses were forced to move their work to digital spaces as multiple lockdowns and decrease in the number of physical customers were not feasible in the long run. Therefore, businesses approached app development companies and web development services or website developers. The apps and websites helped in promoting their products and services. Some people even chose to go one step further by bringing in new a software by a software development company. This was mostly for smoother functioning and logistics.

Gave a twist to experimental marketing

According to researchers, out of the people from surveyed countries aged between 16 and 64, three quarters of the population said that they spent more hours on the internet as compared to pre lockdown period. This suggests that there is more room for experimental marketing digitally. Creating live experiences for consumers in form of exciting websites, engaging brand campaigns, email marketing, creative push notifications, etc. is on the rise. Companies can use these opportunities to enhance their business prospects.

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